Serving New Orleans Culture and Hospitality workers during the COVID-19 crisis.  

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Why Culture Aid Nola?

Culture Aid Nola (CAN) is group of organizations that advocate for hospitality and culture workers. We have long standing connections in the communities we serve. Our focus areas cover health, sustainability, advocacy, and food access. There are many ways to help New Orleans workers during the COVID-19 crises. Culture Aid directs resources to especially impacted communities.

Culture Aid Nola (CAN) is a collaborative relief effort of: MACCNO, NOMAF, Octo Hospitality, Healthy Hospitality, and several other groups.

CAN directs access to relief efforts to culture and hospitality workers in New Orleans affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

CAN is working with multiple restaurants, management groups, suppliers and chefs to provide access to healthy food for out of work service and entertainment workers. CAN also assists with Medicaid access navigation, and advocacy for cultural groups.

nd advocacy for cultural groups

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Links to Resources

Culture Aid Nola is dedicated to keeping an updated  list of available resources and guides.This will help you access resources provided by our partner agencies. We also offer Medicaid access navigation services through 504 HealthNet, which can be accessed here.

New Orleans Musicians Clinic and Assistance Fund

Trinity Loaves and Fishes 

The Music and Culture Coalition of New Orleans

504 Health Net


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You can sign up to receive food from CAN as well as volunteer and donate food, meals, or workspace at the button below.